Friday, May 18, 2007

Still Alive in WA

Hello everyone (all 3 of you),

So, this is the first time I've even looked at my blog since November. Beautiful snow pictures, eh? I'm spending oh so much time in my garden and it is a joy for me every day. I guess I had to get older to re-awaken my love of plants and growing things. I just plain had too many kids and pets in my younger days to spend the time (and money) to garden.

Now, however, it seems that I've come full circle to when I was little. I used to spend a lot of time watching my grandmother tending the plants. I didn't really help her, shame on me, but something about all that peacefulness and devotion went into me I guess.

Now, I find it so comforting to nurture these growing things. And the logical botanist in me is memorizing all the Latin botanical names--without even trying to.

So, all this means is that I will be posting some lovely pictures as my garden grows. It was a huge mess last year and this year we are seeing the fruits of our labors.

I feel really bad that I haven't had any deep theological posts in the past 6 months. School is an absolute joy for me and I'm learning a lot from these little ones that I also am nurturing. In fact, sometimes we even drift into semi-theological yesterday. I told them that although they call me "Miss Pat" (very southern), that I am really "Mrs. Pat". "Why?" they asked.
"Because, you see, I am a married lady. I have a husband and when ladies marry, they become a 'Mrs.' instead of a 'Miss'." They were totally confused about the term "married". They truly didn't understand what that meant. My one little boy in the group was very confused. "What do boys become when they marry?" he asked. A highly logical question, I thought. "Oh," I say, "they just stay a 'Mr.' Only the girls change." (now is when all the feminists will throw tomatoes at their computer screen.)

Then one little girl said, "My mom is a Mrs., I guess. She has a boyfriend."
Uh, oh. What do I say? "Well," I said, "it's not quite the same" and left it at that.

I find it interesting that a group of 6-year-olds were so confused about what those titles mean...and what being married is. But then, I guess a lot of adults are too.


Blogger JTB said...

You didn't inform them of "Ms."? Which also (ironically) sounds oh so Southern: "Miz" :)

glad you're blogging again!

6:09 AM  

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