Thursday, October 05, 2006

"...the times they are a'changin'"

Dylan had that one right. Times are different than in Jesus' day. True enough. But is that really the question? Isn't the question about our discipleship in the here and now?

The comment that "but times are different now than then" seems to come up when we consider Jesus' words and/or actions. Especially the difficult words and actions. Just because times are different does that negate or alter his teachings? Does God not have the capacity to communicate something everlasting to humans no matter what time we find ourselves in?

Does the cultural context of Jesus' teachings have bearing on their interpretation and therefore our application of those teachings? I too would like to alter some of those teachings . Especially the turn the other cheek one, or the be reconciled to your brother one. I don't want to do those. But I can't escape that my teacher said them. Was he just teaching those lessons to the Jews who happened to hear him that that those that place?

Or, is he still teaching me today?


Blogger I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

It's fascinating because I just had a conversation with some women in the class I lead at church...about what is "cultural" and what is still "appropriate" for today.

He is definitely teaching me--daily...WHEN I am open to it. Even when it's cultural and not for "today" I believe there is a lesson--perhaps parable-like (?) in the Scripture.

Since I believe it's all "God-breathed" I do believe it's all true...and must use good sense to know what is for me, for today, and live it.


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