Friday, September 01, 2006

Live, from Honduras

Here we are. Smack dab in the center of Choluteca, Honduras at the Mission Lazarus offices. We've been here a week and have had a great time looking at all the new things planned here for the community. Out in San Marcos, where Ally and Jarrod live, we rode around the new ranch, Las Palmas, a site for the new children's home. It is beautiful property, very wild but beautiful. Next month, Chad and Shelly Hedgepath will arrive to begin there work there as the Children's Home Directors. It is there that several homes are planned to house orphaned children, to love them, to train them and to educate them.

This morning, we went up to the mountain clinic in Las Pitas to see the families enrolled in the nutrition program receive their food. When we get back next week, I'll have some pictures of each of these things to well as some adorable shots of Levi and Sol.

I love to visit here. It humbles me everytime I come. The great need that is everywhere. The way that the Christians here love to worship and learn. The compassion for the poor and the downtrodden. It awakens my awareness once again of how as Christians, if we can help someone's day be a little brighter, a little easier, that is our task.


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we love you guys visiting pat.

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