Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who are you and where is my husband?

I turned 52 on May 22nd and my husband surprised me with my very own iPod! I know that is nothing to most of the technologically savvy world, but I have been begging for one for years!

I am so jazzed about it. I never thought he would break down and get me one because it totally is such a frivilous thing, but now, I can at least pretend I'm younger by having these totally cool little earbuds in my ears. And I don't have to worry about hurting my ears because my hearing is already shot anyway!



Blogger JTB said...

ipods are awesome.

When you upload your SWEET Napoleon Dynamite playlist from the cd it may include all the song info. Try and see.

Also if you want Clare videos from YouTube let me know.

yes I love technology but not as much as you you see but I still love technology always and forever...

6:07 AM  

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